Friday, 9 October 2015

Warmonger Miniatures brilliant new 10mm German Landsknecht Armbrustschützen (Crossbowmen) live on Kickstarter NOW!

If you are not aware of it, Warmonger Miniatures do a fantastic line of 10mm Landsknecht miniatures that are great as proxies for Warmaster Empire figures.

Warmonger has just announced a new Kickstarter campaign to get 10mm German Landsknecht Armbrustschützen (Crossbowmen) in to production. You can find it here.

I have helped fund two of his previous Kickstarter campaigns to get these beauties into production. Warmonger does a wonderful job and if you are after great proxies for Warmaster Empire figures, then jump in and support the Kickstarter campaign. I haven't had any issues with him fulfilling the Kickstarter and he keeps you up to date on the projects progress. Right now his Kickstarter is almost funded but needs to break the $500 barrier to make it all happen. So you can take it from me that he delivers as promised and you won't be disappointed with what he produces.

You can buy his 10mm German Landsknecht produced in the previous Kickstarters from his website store, and you should be able to see his previous work if you check out some of my older posts.

Well worth considering backing this. I've joined in again and will be getting the four units deal. So jump in and help out with confidence that Warmonger will deliver!