Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Peter Pigs new Viking Longships... are they any good for 10mm?

Well might you ask, dear Reader!

In my last post I noted that Micks's Metal Models had a stall at MOAB and I was fortunate enough to nearly buy him out of the Peter Pig 15mm Norse Longships that he was selling. He had two varieties of the ship, one of which you can see on Mick's website page. The other variant however you can see above. This second variant I purchased is un-crewed and open, giving more possibilities for variation in what you add to the basic ship, and is definitely the better option of the two in my humble opinion.

So, any good for 10mm?

Simple answer is YES!  As you can see from the images below, this scales to 10mm very well.

But first up, some details of the actual product.

Instructions on how it fits together.

Two stands from the GW Warmaster range next to the ship for scale.

Its just shy of being wide enough to fit a Warmaster stand (40mm x 20mm) on it and so you can't sit a standard Warmaster unit on the deck, sadly (queue sad face!).

But they can still fit in length ways as you can see below. Also you get some perspective on the size of the Helmsmen. It isn't a true 15mm figure, being closer to 12mm in height.

This is good though for the Kallistra range of 10mm figures, because these are more 12mm in height also. So these ships will certainly suit Kallistra's range of Normans, Saxons and Vikings.

Two Norman's chat to the Helmsmen

True 10mm figures will however look undersized next to the Helmsmen. The figure below is a Pendraken Imperial Roman Command figure (10mm size) showing the size difference.

The image below shows the various components you get with the model.

Finally, its worth noting that there are two varieties of the figure heads as well. One variety is more of a fantasy dragon figure head. The other is more of a historically accurate dragon figure head. Both are equally suitable for fantasy and historic gaming. I have both varieties but only show one variety below. The stern also has a "tail" that comes with the core set.

So there you have it!

If you are after a longship for 10mm wargaming (and I have been after something like this for years!) then this is the ship for you.