Saturday, 20 August 2016

ACTA - Star Fleet, Enterprise era Klingon Bird-of-Prey from Shapeways

WSF version of the early Klingon BoP

I was hunting around Shapeways recently and came across Armadillo Miniatures shop. There Coelian276 has some very nicely rendered miniatures from the Enterprise era Star Trek series. I decided to buy some Klingon Birds-of-Prey (BoP) in White Strong & Flexible material (WSF) just to test out the scale and detail of these miniatures.

Scaled nicely for ST Attack Wing/Heroclix miniature scale.

Even in WSF material, there is enough detail to satisfy. Moreover, as a bonus, they are nicely scaled to be able to be used with Star Trek Attack Wing / Heroclix and Star Trek Micro-machines miniatures. I'll be using the for A Call To Arms - Star Fleet and so have based them accordingly.

Very suitable for ACTA - Star Fleet

Coelian276 is a very accommodating chap and helped me out considerably when I wanted to order some bulk groupings of his Klingon models in Frosted Ultra Detail (FUD). I've since purchased a number of the FUD models for Star Fleet and the Klingons of this era. These are going to add nicely to the First Romulan War campaign that stalled a while back. I've been a hankering to get back into some ACTA battles set in the Enterprise era of the Federation universe and this is the motivation I've needed!

But more on that to come!

Detail of the underside WSF version of the early Klingon BoP

Anyway, if you are after some very nicely detailed miniatures for Attack-wing / Heroclix, Star Fleet Battles or, in my case A Call To Arms - Star Fleet, drop by Armadillo Miniatures shop. Coelian276 is more than happy to group the ships you want in FUD for you to bulk purchase.