Monday, 15 August 2016

UPDATE: How to make a LotR online Dark-water miniature for role playing and wargaming

In the previous post here, I mentioned that I was making a Dark-water for use as a table-top miniature for our role-playing group. I noted that I wasn't very happy with the water effect and that I tried a craft glue that ended up giving a good water effect result.

I was tempted to add more glue to give a deeper water effect. Well I did, and it looks exactly what I was after. Have a look for yourself.

The air bubbles in the glue really add to the water effect of this miniature and help to break up the trunk of the flying base. I especially like how it links to the base of the torso of the miniature, giving the impression of oneness with the water stream.

Here's a few more views.

Now to make some more!