Thursday, 17 November 2016

Angmar Lesser Wights for Kings of War

Lesser Wights emerging from their barrow.

Having played the Lord of the Rings online MMO some years ago, I was impressed with the renderings of certain types of creatures that they had within the game. Wandering around the tombs, you often came across undead spirits and wights that looked cool and ghastly.

I wanted to create some Lesser Wights for the Angmar army I'm painting for use with the Kings of War rule set.

So I chose the Mantic Games Ghouls as the natural miniature for these Lesser Wights. The perfect choice for a LotR MMO Lesser Wight proxy. Below is the painting method used as both a reminder to me and just in case you are interested in achieving a similar result.

Painting Method
Basecoat in Army Painter Grey.
Drybrush in Citadel Rotting Flesh.

Paint clothes in suitable colour (I chose to use a watered down Terracotta).

Paint nails in the body in Boltgun Metal.

Ink in Army Painter Strong Tone Shader and allow to dry.

Once fully dry, spray in Anti-Shine Varnish.

Drybrush in White Scar very, very lightly.

Paint eyes in Temple Guard Blue leaving shaded eye sockets and only doing raised areas of the eyeball as a point of weird light for the eyes.

 And you are done!

Some more eye candy images.

One troop down, one more to go!