Sunday, 27 November 2016

Angmar Snow Troll for Kings of War

Glorfindel takes on a Snow Troll from the Grey Mountains on the fields of northern Arthedain

Eaglemoss make a number of figurines for the Lord of the Rings and some of these are a good size to match 28mm scale (some are good also for 10mm and I'll share that in another post).

The Snow Troll towering over the orcs of Angmar

I picked up an Eaglemoss Cave Troll on eBay a few months back with a view to turning it into a Snow Troll for my Kings of War Angmar army. Its larger than the GW Cave Troll and about a head taller that the Isengard/Morder Troll also by GW. But for a Snow Troll I thought that this figuring was a good size for what I was after and looks imposing on the battlefield.

I used static grass and PVA glue to attach "fur" to the trolls shoulders and back. Once base coated, the grass would look like hair or fur on the figure.

Initially I based the figure on a square base for use with Kings of War. But given that all my other trolls were already on round bases from War of the Ring, I decided to rebase the figure on to a round base also. You will notice that later on in the images below.

In short, I painted the troll in the following manner (images for this process follow below).

  • Base coat in White Spray
  • Ink in Nuln Oil
  • When dry, ink in Blue Ink
  • Drybrush heavily in Administration Grey
  • Drybrush lightly in Space Wolves Grey
  • Drybrush lightly in White Scar
  • Paint eyes in Temple Guard Blue
  • Paint teeth in Rakarth Flesh
  • Paint neck chain in Boltgun Metal.
  • Paint nails in Bestial Brown and when dry in highlight in Rakarth Flesh.
  • I painted the loincloth in Bestial Brown and the metal in Bronze.

So there you have it. One very large and imposing Snow Troll from the Grey Mountains near Angmar.