Sunday, 21 January 2018


I've been bitten by the Goblin bug! So I grabbed out a bunch of my Ral Partha Kickstarter Gobo's by Iron Wind Metals and started painting.

Goblin-imps ready to run away from battle

These little blighters are Goblin-imps (aka lesser goblins with swords).

I decided to base them two miniatures to a 25mm round base. In this way they look more mob like and also for Kings of War a regiment of goblins comprises 20 miniatures. By placing them two to a base I can have a regiment of twenty gobo's on a single movement tray comprising ten 25mm round base slots.

By having them on a movement tray with removable bases, casualties can quickly be assessed without the use of lots of chits or small dice sitting precariously on the movement tray...(and rolling off and confusing everyone as to how many hits that unit took. "Three. No, it was four. No it wasn't, that was the other unit over there. This regiment lost three hits!"). You get the picture.

Love these miniatures. They are two of my favorites from the old Ral Partha range.

I didn't want standard green goblins but goblins of darker skin tones like those described in The Hobbit and The Lord Of The Rings. I intent to pretty much do most of the goblins I'm painting in grey tones but I have used a green wash on some of them to give a grey-green tinge to a few.

Need more of these someday. You can never have too many goblins.