Sunday, 7 January 2018

Studio Bergstrom's Cardassian Keldan cruiser size comparison

Studio Bergstrom's Keldan class miniature

The other day I posted images of Studio Bergstrom's Galor cruiser comparing it to other miniatures on the market. So today I thought I would show Bergstrom's Keldan dreadnought miniature.

As with the Galor miniature the Bergstrom Keldan miniature is a good middle size when compared with the Attack Wing and MicroMachines miniatures.

Attack Wing Keldan (left), Bergstrom Keldan (middle), MicroMachines Keldan (right)

Being of a middle size, this miniature also lends itself to being a light cruiser for my Cardassian fleet. So that's how I plan to use it for A Call To Arms. I haven't drawn up the ship data card as yet. But I'll also post that when I have completed it.

More great miniatures from Studio Bergstrom!

Bergstrom Galor and Keldan miniatures