Friday, 5 January 2018

Studio Bergstrom's Cardassian Galor cruiser size comparison

Studio Bergstrom's Galor miniature

First post for 2018! Wow, can't believe that 2017 has gone so quickly. May be I'm just getting old.

Anyway over the Christmas / New Year break I was able to catch up on some painting. One thing I wanted to do was paint some of the excellent Studio Bergstrom Card Hessian miniatures, particularly the Galor and Keldon proxies he makes.

Flash photo showing more colour contrast

I have had in mind for some time now to use these ships as War Destroyer / Light Cruiser equivalents. As such I planned to use the moniker of Galor II & Keldon II classes. This would be Star Fleets classification names for these Cardassian vessels. But in order for them to be light cruisers they would need to be bigger than the Attack Wing miniatures and yet smaller than the Micro Machines Cardassian vessels. Thankfully they are. See for yourself.

Attack Wing/Heroclix Galor (left), Bergstrom Galor (center), MicroMachines Galor (right)

This size gradation perfectly lends itself to the Galor I's being a Frigate, Galor II's (i.e. Bergstrom's) being a Heavy (War) Destroyer or Light Cruiser, and the Galor III's being a Heavy Cruiser.

I'm still to work out the statistics for these vessels for A Call To Arms - Star Fleet but when I have I'll post the Ship Data Card. Another fantastic model by Bergstrom with good detail.