Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Cyber Command

The first of my Cybermen have been finished. These lads are from the Exterminate game but will be used in the Doctor Who Miniatures Game (DWMG).

Cyber Lieutenant

Cyber Lieutenants are the primary battle field commanders and are the most well known Cyber command unit encountered on the field of battle. Cyber Lieutenants have the Leader I special ability permitting them to activate an extra miniature for free during their turn.

Any invasion force of Cybermen will always have a single commander. Cyber Commanders are most easily distinguished by their black heads. Usually commanding their forces in battle from a forward command post or their base, Cyber Commanders coordinate multiple Cyber Lieutenants across the battle zone.

Cyber Commander

Cyber Commanders have the Leader II special ability giving them then the capability to activate two extra miniatures in their turn. In the DWMG you can activate half the number of miniatures you have on the table during your turn. If you activate a model with a Leader ability, that model can activate a number of extra models for free depending upon their Leader ability. So this makes fielding at least one leader in your force a must.