Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Dalek Flying Saucer

The Doctor approaches the saucer with trepidation

I had a spare frisbee lying around and I mused to myself, "...wonder if that could be turned in to a Dalek flying saucer?"

Well it could, and it has been.

I used a paper plate left over from Christmas and with some PVA glue stuck it to the bottom of the frisbee. I then took a plastic desert bowl, also left over from Christmas, and glued that to the base of the dinner plate. To the bowl I added three twist-tops from yogurt snack packs. The kind of school lunch box yogurt you can get, and glued these to the bowl. The twist-tops made good exhaust flues for the ship. All I needed after that was some landing gear.

I took some days deliberating as to what to use for the landing gear. One evening, I noticed some dental floss tooth picks in the bathroom. These were the kind that had a flossing "brush" at one end and a sharp tooth pick at the other end so that when you're flossing and someone asks "how long will you be in the bathroom?" you can stab them in the eye with it. These fancy floss-picks looked like what I was after. I took three and carefully cut off the flossing ends. Then I super glued them to the base of the bowl of the ship.

All that was needed after that was to spray paint the thing with a gun metal spray. Voila, one Dalek Flying Saucer! Now all I need are the Daleks...

Anybody home?

All I need now is an entrance ramp and door for the ship... and some daleks...