Saturday, 12 May 2018

Cyber Scouts

Cyber Scouts are not the next "social justice" push on the Boy Scouts of American by SJW's but an elite unit of the Cybermen.

Cyber Scouts are rarely seen on the battlefield with at most only one in six Cybermen being augmented for this type of operation. Often darker in colour these Scouts may even be painted in camouflage colours native to the world they are invading.

These Cybermen have complex electronic countermeasures which give them a Deep Strike capability in the Doctor Who Miniatures Game. This means that after all other models have been deployed on the table, the Cyber Scouts are placed last anywhere out of sight of an opposing model before the game commences. This gives the Cybermen a tactical advantage as they can easily counter any flanking moves or be placed close to objective points.

In order to compensate for this advantage the opposing player gets 1 point of Luck (mostly used for dice re-rolls) for each Cyber Scout used in the game. These Luck points can be given to any model of the opposing side.

Painting them was very simple. I just undercoated them in a Chaos Black Spray and once dry, then dry brushed them in a blue-grey paint colour. Their chest units were painted with an Ice Blue. Simple and very quick to paint.