Sunday, 27 July 2014

On the Painting Table... Battleboard Swamps

Time for an update on how the GW Battleboards are going. I wanted to paint in the areas of the board where all the skulls are located in the depressions and turn these into small swamps.

Initially I covered over the skulls by mixing glue with some water and poring a small amount into the depression. I then sprinkled sand over the area. I was careful to ensure that I only covered the skulls. When this all dried, I went through the painting process I posted about early on in this blog.

Now came the hard part. How can I make the swamps. Seeking advice from my local friendly GW and HobbyCo staff, a plan was hit upon. Use 'Ardcoat!

A word of advice, make sure you try this on something else before doing it on the battle-board.

Firstly I glued the tuffs of grass to the board in areas within the swamp. When dry, I added a few drops of blue ink and twice as many green ink to the 'Ardcoat in its bottle. I mixed this up and pored it into the depressions. When it dried, there were a few areas where the 'Ardcoat had cracked. A second coat over the swamp covered these cracks and gave extra depth to the swamp. Here's the result:


You get a nice reflective shine with the 'Ardcoat.

The varying depths of the depression, and the transparency of the 'Ardcoat work together really well to give the look of variable depth of a swamp. The green/blue ink colour mix to the 'Ardcoat also gives a great colour.