Monday, 28 July 2014

On the Painting Table... Beastlord on a Tuskgor Chariot - part 1

My latest work-in-progress, a Tuskgor Chariot fit for a Beastlord.

The chariot consists of an Orcs and Goblin Characters set chariot with its wheels replace with a Chaos chariot's wheels. The boars are Armoured Boars from Pendraken and the Beastman Charioteer is from the Hounds of Khorne character that comes with the hounds in the pack. I've added parts from the Chaos Chariot to give the chariot a more nasty feel to it, something more befitting of a brutal Beastlord.

The actual Beastlord will be a Beastman Character from Eureka Miniatures which I am painting up separately to the chariot.