Wednesday, 23 July 2014

The Beastmen Cometh.... Warmaster Beastmen

It's been a while since I worked on my Warmaster Beastmen army. One of my many projects that was half way completed when I got distracted by something else. You know how it is.

Anyway, I have recently been inspired to get back to it in preparation for an upcoming game based on a scenario in an old White Dwarf Magazine. To motivate me to get back into the project, I thought I would post a few photos of the Beastmen hoard. Kick me into action to get some more units done before the game. Don't want to be short on units when it comes to facing off against the combined might of the Empire and Bretonnians.

Here's a shot of the hoard so far.

A close-up of the left flank.

The centre.

Right flank.

Close up of the Pendraken Mini's "Jim" as a Beastlord and a Minotaur Shaman.

Two other commanders, the Doombull and Warhoof.

Some of the Ungor Raider units. I haven't decided if I should rebase them to be four models per base rather than the three I currently have. A unit of Razorgor (mini's from Reaper Mini's) can be seen in the back.

Two units of Minotaur's and three of Centigors.

Currently I have five units of Gors. I've used Warmaster Khorne units as these not only look excellent but painted up the right way they look very much like the new GW Beastmen Gors.

The Warhounds were based the long way as per the original Warmaster rulebook. However, I'm thinking of rebasing them lengthways like the Battle of Five Armies wargs and other wolf units. If I base them three mini's to a stand, I will gain and extra unit, making a total of four units. Need to decide this soon before the game.

Another close-up of the Warhounds and Centigors.

So need to rebase some of these units and flock the bases. Also need to churn out a few units of Bestigor, a Gor Shaman or two, and a Beastlord mounted on a Tuskgor Chariot.
Time to get cracking!