Monday, 14 July 2014

Star Trek - the Official Starships Magazine - Deep Space Nine (DS9)

Whilst searching through eBay, I came across the Star Trek the Official Starships Magazine. Looking at the models I saw one for DS9.

I already have a Furuta DS9 model that I intend to use as a smaller Cardassian base station and battle station. But I wanted something larger that I could use for a Cardassian starbase and the actual DS9. I wasn't too sure of the size of the Star Trek the Official Starships Magazine in comparison to MicroMachines, Starline 2400 and Bergstrom models but I took the plunge anyway and bought one.

Turns out its darn near perfect for what I am after. Here are some shots of the model with MicroMachines, Attack Wing, Bergstrom and the Furuta DS9 alongside for comparison.

Its metal, cleanly sculpted and well painted. You can take it out of the box and use it right away.


Its worth noting that if you just place the model on the table, the other mini's on their stands sit at the right height to look like they are docked at the station.