Saturday, 18 October 2014

Uncharted Seas and the Corsairs of Umbar

I've been interested in using Spartan Games Uncharted Seas rule system for naval battles set in Middle-earth.

The Uncharted Seas Imperial Humans look great for Gondor White Ships of Dol Amroth. The older Elven ship models work well for Middle-earth elf ships, and the newer elven models work well for games set in the Old World of Warhammer. The Dwarven, Orc and Bone Griffin ships also work rely well for the Warhammer Old World.

But for the Middle-earth setting, I need something that looks like the Corsairs of Umbar.

The Dragon Lords vessels look the closest to this. The Shadow Cruiser works the best for a Corsair cruiser. I've been able to get a bunch from eBay recently, one of which was painted in a rudimentary colour scheme.

To make something that looks like a Corsair ship the sail configuration needed to be rearranged. Using sails from the Invoker Cruiser and the Moonbeam Destroyer, I started with cutting and reorienting the small sail on the bow of the Shadow Cruiser to make the bow rake.

I added the mainsail from the Moonbeam Destroyer. Then followed that by the mainsail from the Shadow Cruiser.

With the foresail from the Invoker Cruiser added, and some basic base painting, it starts to look like the Corsair ships from the Return of the King.

Here's the final paint job. I'm not convinced with this paint scheme, but this is the prototype.

Giving it a wash with Brown Ink also blends the colours in to each other.

I added a sail to the Invoker model as well, making it the command vessel for the fleet.