Sunday, 19 October 2014

Warmaster Mortis Engine

With the sad demise of the GW Specialist Games series, and the loss of Warmaster....sob :( , there is a need I feel to update a number of Old World armies to reflect the new models that have been released recently for their larger Warhammer cousins. One such model is the Vampire Counts Mortis Engine.

Looking at the GW Dreadfleet product, I noticed that the Shadewraith has a passing resemblance to the Mortis Engine's main platform. It's the right size too! With a little creativity, and the selective cutting and repositioning of the bow, the removal of the rudder and some of the sides of the Shadewraith, I came up with this for the Engine's platform.

I added a Pendraken pedestal behind the repositioned bow.

I then cut the base and back legs off a Vampire Counts Black Knight and positioned it at the "bow" of the Mortis Engine.

I then flanked this Knight with another Knight on each side. These were set back slightly in imitation of the full sized Mortis Engine.

Some clipping of the legs was required in order to remove the base enough to give the legs of the Knights both an in-motion feel and to fit them properly on either side of the main Knight.

Next I used two GW Spirit Host spirits to hover around the Mortis Engine.

I used a Splintered Light 15mm Spectres mini as the cloaked Corpsemaster.

So how does it look on the battlefield?

Now to work out what colours to pain this.