Saturday, 15 October 2016

EB Expo - part 2 Weta Workshop

Weta Workshop at the EB Expo

In the last post I showed some of my highlights from the EB Expo over the October long weekend. Given the lack of games I'm interested in being showcased (there isn't that much coming out over the next few months that I'm keen on), one of the best things from the Expo was Weta Workshop's shop.

There was a lot of veeerrrryyyy nice stuff there. Nice, but expensive.

Being a Tolkien die-hard, I took a lot of photo's. I wanted to have a record that I could use for inspiration in my wargame painting. As such here they are for your inspiration also.

If this was double the size, it would have worked perfectly for 10mm Warmaster!

"Toilets are over there."

A rather grumpy uruk-hai

Pick you nose!

Smaug takes a bath!


Anyway, that's all from the EB Expo. Until next year!