Friday, 14 October 2016

EB Games Expo

The October long weekend is a gaming geeks paradise. MOAB was on all weekend and from the Friday night to Sunday afternoon, the EB Games Expo was also on in Sydney. I thought I would share some photos of the day for those who couldn't make it there.

Off to the Diving Convention next door to the Expo

Yes those eyes glowed green and red and that drill moved as well.

Whilst at the First Aid station...

A 28mm scale Ghost Buster...

Sadly, this expo wasn't as good as 2015's expo simply because there wasn't enough great games coming out heading into Christmas. During the 2015 expo, there were demos and previews of such games as Halo 5-Guardians, Just Cause 3, Fallout 4, Call of Duty 517 and a plethora of great stuff that had me eagerly salivating in anticipation heading into Christmas.

NOT what you want to find under the tree this Christmas!

Dead Rising, grab a baseball bat and start swinging!

Save $10!

Sadly, this year for Xbox enthusiasts there was really only the new Gears of War and Dead Rising to have a look at. I was also impressed with Mafia 3 but can't say that I intend to rush out and buy it. In fact, I'm more excited that the remastered Skyrim will be out at the end of the month than with any of the new games coming on the horizon.

Drone Racing. Its great right up until one of those carbon fiber blades smacks into you

Rabbit Season! EB's mascot

Some out of this world computer rigs

Sorry Darth, no room!

EB did an admirable job despite the dearth of new titles on the horizon. Lots of interesting stalls where you could purchase a beverage or two...

Nuke Quantum anyone?

Or take a quick spin around the hall...


Or fire off a few rounds to let off some steam...

"Safety catch? What's a safety catch Jeremy?"

Lots of cool lego to play with too. Its like playing Minecraft, but with real bricks!

Lots to spend money on if you are into this sort of thing.

Weta Workshop also had a large display there, but I'll post on that separately because there was a lot of nice playthings they had on display. Too much to show here for now. Next post maybe...

The Sons of ObiWan were also showing off their jedi skills. This is a cool mob of people who teach kids how to wield a light saber without cutting off a limb and at the same time raise money for autistic children. Cool thing. And those sabers can really take a beating. No fragile stuff here, this is real cut and thrust.

Finally, though. All good things had to come to an end. And so it was that I found my ride parked at the back of the hall where I left it and headed home.

My ride!

Another EB Expo over. Not as good as last years, but that wasn't EB's fault. Hopefully there will be a lot more games to display next year.