Saturday, 1 October 2016

MOAB 2016 - Southern Sydney Wargamers' Mother Of All Battles

I got to MOAB this morning for half the day and as usual it didn't disappoint. I even got in a brief game of Kings of War (more on this in another post).

MOAB 2016 (main hall)

I've been looking forward to MOAB all year. I just wish I could spend more time there than just half a day. But if I was there longer, I would have spent a lot more than I did. MOAB has definitely expanded. The Bring and Buy section was not on the ground floor and was double the space of last year, which was double the space of MOAB 2014!
If I just had a spare $150!

There was a log of game areas going on throughout the whole building and the return of Epic 40K and Lord of the Rings is great. I didn't get to see half the games present being played sadly due to only being there for half the day. There was too much to see in the sales floors, demo games to play and Bring and Buy to rummage through.

Anyway here are some photos of the day.

Star Wars


ACW era game (no idea what rule system sorry)

ACW up closer

Bolt Action demo game

Mad Max Road Warrior demo game

More Bolt Action goodness I believe


More of the Bolt Action demo game scenery

Team Yankee demo game

Ancients game in progress

Ancients from the other angle

Scenery example of what was for sale


Still more

And final lot in the row

DC Legends demo game. See if you can spot Batman (hint, he is on the tallest building)

Nice scenery. I think this was for Bolt Action

Close-up of that DC Legends sort of game. No idea what the name actually was, sorry.

Another view

Some of the heroes


Heath Ledger was the best Joker!


More Bolt Action games about to begin

Not sure, but I think this was Vietnam'ish era

15mm MDF Roman Fort for $38 and the Norman Keep for $18

I bought a Norman Keep MDF model. Perfect for Warmaster with the 4cm sides.

I think the Latin says; "Romans Go Home!"

Team Yankee game in progress

More of that same game

More of the Team Yankee table and some fantastic scenery

My Bring and Buy spoils from the day!

Ahhh MOAB, its like candy for Geek Wargamers.....