Sunday, 2 October 2016

My first Kings of War game at MOAB

I mentioned in the previous post that I managed to get in a game of Kings of War at MOAB. This is the first time I've played KoW and I loved it. Here's the battle report.

The deployment line for the demo game. I was the Undead, my favorites. I had a unit of Skeletons, a unit of Zombies, a unit of Ghouls, a unit of Revenant Skeletons and finally, a Balefire Catapult. My opponent demoing the game took the Dwarves. He had a Ironbelcher Cannon, unit of Ironwatch shooters, a regiment of Ironclads and finally a unit of Dwarf Shieldbreakers.

Close-up of my lads ready for action.

A view across to the opposition.

My opponent move first, moving up his Ironclads and the Shieldbreakers. His shooters let fire at my Revenants and caused a hit. His cannon failed to hit anything. Apparently this cannon had a habit of doing this in all the demo games so far.

Unperturbed, I move my Ghouls forwards towards the dwarf cannon. The skeletons charge the Ironclads. The zombies charge the Shieldbreakers. The Revenants moved forwards also on my right flank.

The Ghouls eye off the dwarf cannon, thankful that its their turn and not the Dwarfs or they would cop iron-shot in the face.

The close-up of the dust-up in the center of the field of battle.

My Balefire Catapult let fly and hit the Ironwatch shooters in mystical fire.

Take that Dwarves!

In the center, I started to inflict some nice hits on the Dwarves. But nothing so staggering as to cause them to run.

In my opponents turn, his Ironwatch were disrupted and so weren't able to shoot this turn. The Dwarf Cannon also failed to hit. His Ironclads and Shieldbreakers charged back in to the fray.

And smacked a few hits down on my poor Zombies. They held firm however and shambled on.

My beloved Skeletons also copped a bit of a beating, but being brainless held firm.

My turn again and I send the Skeletons and Zombies back in. By this time the Revenants were in charge range as well and so plunged in. This meant that the Skeletons were up against the Ironclads and the Zombies/Revenants were up against the Shieldbreakers.

Over on my left wing, the Ghouls charged in on the Cannon.

The Balefire Catapult fired on the Ironwatch shooters and slammed them hard. Causing them to run away engulfed in caustic bale fire.

The thumping's continued in the center, with my lads doing the thumping. Unfortunately though, I couldn't get the Dwarves to break.

However, the Revenants were the last to have a hit on the Shieldbreakers and they did me proud.

Smacked hard by my Zombies and Revenants the Shieldbreakers broke and ran like little girls....

...screaming off the field. The lads had made me proud. Two Dwarven units down, two to go.

The Ghouls had also charged back in during the Melee phase laid some smack-down on the Dwarven cannon. The Dwarven dead watching from behind the hill.

But they failed to do their worst and the Cannon remained in place. Fortunately by doing some damage, they caused the Cannon to be Disordered and not able to fire next turn.

The Dwarven Ironclad's charged the Skeletons again and hit them hard. Due to their Leechlife (1) however they had healed the odd hit over the combat to date and so were standing firm.

My turn again and I sent in my Skeletons again, supported in the flank by my Revenants.

The Ghouls also charged back in to take that Cannon out.

There was some heavy smackdown going on again in the center. The Dwaves weren't going to budge though. Darn!

My opponent began his turn with finally firing his cannon into my Ghouls. This smashed them to bits and they turned and fled like screaming babies. COWARDS! I'll deal with you slovenly minions later!

The Dwarves had their first victory on the field.

Shame File - the Ghouls go to the naughty spot on my side of the field.

The Ironclad fought hard but only managed to score a single hit against me in the end. My troops valiantly holding firm.

My turn and my Skeletons and Revenants charge back in to the Ironclads. Over on my right flank, the Balefire Catapult fired at the Dwarven Cannon. Amazingly, despite the fact that the skeleton rangefinder was looking the wrong way, the Balefire hit the Cannon smashing it to pieces in a halo of mystical flame.

Bye, bye pesky Dwarf Cannon!

Then in the center my Skeletons and Revenants slammed the Ironclads and they crumbled and fled the field. COWARDS!

My proud, victorious forces celebrate, the Zombies doing their best impression of line dancing.

Well done lads! A great game. My first Kings of War game. Over in 30 mins and a lot of fun.