Friday, 19 May 2017

A Fist full of Klingon D7's

A fist full of D7's

Among my wares I have had a bunch of MicroMachines Klingon D7's that I picked up somewhere along my travels. I like this miniature but the colours...not so much. See the MicroMachines D7 on the left in the image below.

Untouched MicroMachines D7 is on the left

The grey colour doesn't really do it for me. Given that all my other Klingon ships are green in colour, I decided to try an idea with my D7's. Using a wash of Citadel Bel-Tan Green, I coated the D7's in a heavy wash and left them overnight to dry. I then lightly dry brushed them in a light grey paint.

I was careful not to dry brush over the Klingon insignia's present on the D7's. The result seemed to work well, once dry-brushed. I then painted highlights over the miniature as you can see below.

One of the MicroMachine D7's had been painted differently some time back (see post here to spot it). So I also trying going over it with a heavy green wash, followed by a grey dry brush. Surprisingly that also worked out well. So have a look and see what you think. It was a very simple process that produced the results I was after. As such, I'm rather satisfied with the outcome.

The view of the D7 most often seen by Star Fleet captains!

Impulse engines and shuttle bay were painted on using Blood Red

I used Warpstone Glow for the nacelle illumination

Bridge light and other illumination were also done in Blood Red

The vents and nacelle heavy disruptor's where painted in a dark grey