Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Star Trek TOS Federation Hermes/Saladin class Destroyer

A very nicely details miniature for its size

I have had this little ship for some time now on my to-do paint list. Finally the other day I got around to painting it.

Badly focused photo but you can see the detail on the ventral size of the saucer

The Star Fleet Technical Manual lists this type of ship as both the Hermes class scout and the Saladin class destroyer. Amarillo Design Bureau provide these in 1/3788 scale (ADB's 2400 series miniatures) and they come in a two pack with the old and new style detailed saucers. The old style of saucer is very plain and unimpressive. But the detailed saucer really makes this miniature.

Three photon tubes....nice!

I'm not a great fan of the TOS Star Trek, however this ship has impressed me. So I plan to get a few more of them. With the J.J. Abrams reboot of Star Trek and the Axanar fan movie, TOS era has some rather nice looking revamped ships that would look good on the table top.

The detail on the saucer is to a good standard making this miniature worth having.

Painting is fairly simple too. I base-coated  the miniature in black spray. Then I wet brushed it in white paint. Next I used a black ink all over the miniature. Finally I dry brushed the miniature in white again. After that all that was needed was to highlight with colours for the nacelle, the impulse engines and a few other areas on the saucer. I think the detail really stands out this way and makes the miniature.

Impulse engines are well defined also.

I should find some stickers to go on this thing. But it doesn't really require it to look good enough to field on the table.

It doesn't come with the hang down sensor radar dome. That's good in my opinion because I don't like them.

Better view of underneath the saucer section.

Starboard profile

Here she is compared to a MicroMachines USS Enterprise miniature. Fits well!

So, must get some more of these blighters. They make good target practice for my Klingon battlecruisers!