Monday, 1 May 2017

Miranda and Trident class ship data cards for ACTA Star Fleet

A new month. Another post. Still on my conversion of Star Trek The Next Generation era ships for ACTA Star Fleet. Today's post is for the Miranda class New Light Cruiser and its variant, the four nacelle Trident class.

Both miniatures in the pictures below are MicroMachines miniatures. The Trident class was made by gently cutting the nacelles off of the USS Reliant MicoMachines miniature and super gluing them onto another USS Reliant MicoMachines model. Careful with those fingers kids! I cut my finger doing this. Who said our hobby didn't have health hazards?

The Miranda class New Light Cruiser

UPDATE: The previous version of the Miranda ship data card had the incorrect number of attack dice for the Phaser-G's. So I have update it. The above version is the correct version.

The Trident class Strike Cruiser