Saturday, 13 May 2017

'Axanar' Klingon D6 from Shapeways

3D printed Klingon D6's from 'Axanar'

Coelian276 has an excellent 3D print model for the Klingon D6 as seen in the 'Prelude to Axanar' fan film available on YouTube. These are sized for Star Trek Attack Wing and work really well for A Call To Arms Starfleet 2400 miniatures line also. You can find it at his Shapeways shop here (three together) and here (single one only).

So size wise, how do these compare in scale to other models? Below are a group of photos comparing various models to give you some idea.

The Shapeways D6 next to the HeroClix K'tinga

HeroClix K'tinga, Shapeways D6, Mongoose D5 (2500 scale)

Shapeways D6 and Mongoose/Amarillo Design Bureau D5 (2500 scale)

Shapeways D6 and MicroMachines D7

MicroMachines Enterprise refit, Shapeways D6's, ADB 2400 scale Federation Destroyer

Same again, but from above (obviously!)

MicoMachines D7, Shapeways D6, HeroClix K'tinga

And same again from above

I am awaiting a bunch more to arrive but thought I would do the first test models to see how the paint scheme turns out. I followed a very similar scheme to that for my other Klingon vessels. You can find a painting guide or two here on the blog. I used a very lime coloured green for the warp glow instead of the usual Ice Blue colour. Not so sure its the best choice. But it works well enough.

So lastly. Here are some images of the final paint job I'll be using.