Thursday, 27 July 2017

Enterprise-era Warp Delta for ACTA Star Fleet

Warp Delta in formation

I have just finished painting my Warp Delta's that I bought from Shapeways. You can find these at Armadillo Miniatures on Shapeways here: Warp Delta 1/4400 Attack Wing.

Warp Delta's with the NX class

The come nicely scales for the Attack-Wing NX class starship. Once again, Coelian has done an outstanding job with these.

A closer look

If you plan to get any, I suggest getting them in Frosted Ultra Detail (FUD) as these have some very nice detail that adds to the miniature. Have a look at the following images for more of an idea.

Anyway, there you go. If you are after some Warp Delta's that scale with the other Attack-Wing Star Trek era ships (or any MicroMachines or ADB's 2400 scale ships) then these are for you! Some final shots for more reference. Enjoy!