Saturday, 8 July 2017

Starbase 27

Starbase 27

I have finally finished my starbase for A Call To Arms - Star Fleet. This fantastic model is Ravenstar Studio's Fort Courage Space Station.

Docking and access ports

Its a beastie of a base and just the right size and shape I needed for a Federation Starbase.

Guarding the frontier!

Starbase 27 was one of two new starbases (the other being SB12) built along the Klingon Border following the Four Years War. So this monster will be filling in for Federation starbases in my ACTA games.

Painting was fairly simple too.

  • Basecoat in Chaos Black
  • Wet brush in Administratum Grey
  • Ink in Black Ink
  • Do as many dry brush coats with Administratum Grey as required to get the desired effect (it too me about three goes to get the coat I was after).
  • Paint windows in a very light blue.
  • Paint details with Bleached Bone
  • Paint docking access ports in light blue
  • Done!

Close-up of docking access port

I have to confess that I haven't detailed the underside of this baby yet. Just wanted to get this one off my painting table as it was taking up room and I hate half finished projects.

Detail of the main promenade with windows

I haven't drawn up any ACTA data sheet for this one yet. Still need to think about that some more and pull out my old Star Fleet Battles SSD's for this sort of thing and translate it to ACTA.

Nice scale for my ADB 2400 scale Star Fleet mini's

So a fantastic model and well done Ravenstar!