Sunday, 30 July 2017

Klingon D-10 Riskadh Heavy Cruiser

Here's a new addition to the Klingon Imperial Navy, the D-10 Riskadh Heavy Cruiser!

The fleet forms up

This beastie is from Studio Bergstrom and Woomera Shipyards (have a look here). It fits with the ADB 2500 series (i.e 1:3125 scale) but will also be released in the ADB 2400 series (i.e. 3788 scale) in the near future.

Shapeways D4, the D-10 and Studio Bergstrom Bird of Prey

As most of my Star Fleet miniatures fit the ADB 2400 / MicroMachine / Attack Wing scale, I am very keen to see these in the smaller scale.

Excellent detail on this thing

So "why get this in the larger 2500 series scale?" I hear you ask. Because I wanted one! Also, my intent is to use this as a command cruiser and planetary assault ship. Basically it will be an 'Original Series' era fleet flag ship with plenty of shuttles and marines just waiting to bash some heads in. Perfect for the period covering the Four Years War through to the General War for ACTA Star Fleet.

The side most Federation captains would prefer to see

Because it will be a different ship to the D-10 Riskadh I'll need to give it a new designation. Either in the 'C' or 'B' category. As the 'B' class of Klingon vessels were the massive dreadnoughts of the Imperial Navy, and this is going to be appearing with my Four Years War fleet, then the B-1 seems appropriate as this ship dwarfs the rest of my Klingon forces from that period.

The business end! Lots of detail here

So this monster would be produced in limited numbers and only be involved in major fleet engagements and planetary assaults once local defensive forces had been eliminated. So, B-1 it is then. Need to give it a decent Klingon name as well. Where's Google....?

Pre-painted assembly