Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Studio Bergstrom's Millennium Falcon (aka Tramp Freighter)

Studio Bergstrom makes a tiny Millennium Falcon miniature called a Tramp Freighter. It's part of his Renegade Alliance range.

A teeny Millennium Falcon!

I'm not currently building a Star War's fleet but I have wanted a scaled Millennium Falcon equivalent to use for ACTA Star Fleet (and NO winging about this being a crossover, Reader!). I have loved the Millennium Falcon since I was a kid and saw the first Star Wars movie. So I have always wanted one. As such, I finally purchased one of Mr Bergstrom recently and painted it up.

Lots of detail for such a small ship

Painting it was very simple. I just followed this process:
  • Based the miniature on a flying stand.
  • Base coated it in Chaos Black
  • Wet brushed it in White
  • Inked it in Nuln Oil (i.e. black ink)
  • Dry brushed in White again to the level of paint application I wanted
  • Painted red bits in a suitable red paint using a VERY fine brush
  • Painted the engine outlet in light blue
  • Painted the gun in Administratum Grey
  • Painted Nuln Oil ink into depressed areas in order to highlight the raised areas.
  • Done!

I didn't use the hole in the model for inserting the flight stand as I felt it was a little too far to the back of the model for what I wanted. So I instead cut off the small peg at the top of the flight stand and glued the now flat top of the base of the centre of the miniature.

"Punch it Chewie!"

So how big is this tiny fella? You can see below next to an ADB Destroyer and MicoMachines Light Cruiser. Its the perfect size for an ADB 2400 scale fleet.

Under escort. Clearly been a bad boy again!

So its a good fit for ADB 2400 / Attack Wing / MicroMachines scale and will go well with my ACTA fleet.