Sunday, 11 June 2017

Black Gate Miniatures - 10mm Ogre Kingdoms Kickstarter Reward has arrived!

Its a bit remiss of me but I have had these lads for about a month now but haven't posted about it. My bad!

If you troll this blog you will remember that I backed the 10mm Ogre Kingdoms Kickstarter. Well the lads arrived and here are a few shots of them compared to the GW Ogres from Warmaster.

Black Gate Armoured Warriors

I backed the reward that gave me two Armoured Warrior units, two normal Warrior units and four Ogre Cannoneer units.

Close up of the command trumpeter

Ogre Warriors, close-up of the Chief

Ogre Warriors

Ogre Cannoneers

If you are after some for yourself, you can get them from Black Gate Miniatures web store.