Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Now that's a Big Ship! The Klingon B10 Dreadnought

The B10 under escort from the shipyards after a final coat of paint

The scourge of all those who defy the Klingon Empire is finally painted. Here is my take on the Klingon B10.

D7's escort the newly built B10 from its secret construction facility

If you are familiar with Star Fleet Battles / Federation Commander / A Call To Arms - Star Fleet universe then you will be familiar with the largest ship of the Klingon Empire, the B10 Dreadnought or Battleship. Believed to be the largest ship ever built for its time (i.e. the General War period before the Star Trek Motion Picture era) the Klingon's had envisioned building four of these monsters. However they proved expensive and difficult to engineer.

Four nacelle mounted beast!

I wasn't a great fan of the B10 miniatures I had seen floating around. Amarillo Design Bureau have a version in 2400 scale but I don't like the look of it. I have seen some other options for contenders on Shapeways but was still not impressed. However I had an old Mongoose ACTA-Star Fleet 2500 scale Klingon C8 Dreadnought miniature (try saying THAT three times fast!) floating around and some spare engines. So I decided to glue the spare nacelles to the secondary hull and voila, Bob's your Uncle!

The business end of the B10

Given that the scale I am using for ACTA - Star Fleet is the Attack Wing / MicroMachines / ADB 2400 scale the miniature fits right in as a behemoth of a beast. Here's some more photo's of her.

The side only the Klingon's get to see

Tremble in fear all those who oppose the Empire!

A nice result in the end. Pretty happy with this.