Friday, 2 June 2017

Cardassians in ACTA Star Fleet

Below is my take on the Cardassian Union for the A Call To Arms - Star Fleet universe.

Cardassian Initiative: +1

The Cardassian Union is an empire hostile to the Federation, Klingon and Kzinti. Its government comprises a military dictatorship with the entire focus in society centred on family and service to the state. Located on the galactic core side of the Kzinti Hegemony (NE of Kzinti territory when viewed from above the galactic plane) it was natural that the Cardassians and Kzinti would become hated enemies.

The Kzin had always claimed the territory of the Cardassian Union as its own and for many years the Cardassian Union comprised little more than its home system and a few neighbouring systems. The General War provided the Cardassians with the chance to drive the Kzin from space they claimed as rightfully Cardassian. In the wake of the General War Kzin forces were highly depleted and pulled back to their core worlds to regroup and rebuilt their Hegemony. The Cardassians saw their chance and took it, expanding to fill the void. This period of Cardassian expansion brought them into contact with the Federation for the first time.
Unlike Federation starships, Cardassian vessels are functional and built with combat in mind. They use a funnelled version of the Kzin disruptor as their primary weapons. Known as Spiral Wave Disruptors these weapons fire a constant pulsating particle stream. Cardassian ships also carry the Disruptor Wave Cannon. A heavy weapon based on the Spiral Wave Disruptor and the standard ship mounted heavy disruptor cannons. Smaller Cardassian vessels carry photon torpedoes in lieu of the bulkier and power hungry Disruptor Wave Cannon however.

Federation / Cardassian relations were strained from the onset with the Cardassians not trusting Federation attempts to open dialogue and trade. The Setlik III Massacrer destroyed any hope of the Federation having cordial relations with their Cardassian neighbours. In 2347 the Cardassian Union attacked the Setlik III colony killing all but a small number of the colonists. This incident precipitated the Federation – Cardassian War, also known as the Cardassian or Border Wars. This conflict saw many small engagements and several larger fleet actions over the period 2347 to 2367. Finally in 2367 a truce was enforced to end the hostilities. The result of the conflict saw neither side gain an advantage in territory.
The Federation, marred by the General War, lacked the political will power to strike hard against the Cardassians early on in the war and bring a swift end to the conflict. Though technologically superior at the time the pacifist nature of the Federation Council saw too much interference by politicians in Star Fleet operations. Many opportunities were squandered by the Federation, much to the frustration of Star Fleet admirals. Finally, when the Cardassian Union could no longer afford to maintain the conflict, envoys from Cardassia approached the Federation Council to discuss ending the conflict. A truce was agreed upon in 2367 and a border established between the two powers. Sadly, many Federation colonies ended up on the wrong side of the border after the treaty. This led to an armed resistance by the colonists known as the Marquis. Isolated incidents continued along the border right up until the Dominion War.