Saturday, 24 June 2017

Studio Bergstrom & Woomera Shipyards - Federation Arrow class Fast Response Ship

Studio Bergstrom have added a range of FASA Star Trek style miniatures designed by Woomera Shipyards. There are only three miniatures in the range so far, but more are in the design and molding phase. I purchased three of the Arrow class Scout miniatures to see what they were like, as the range currently only has an image of the 3D designed ship. Well here she is...

Arrow class Fast Response Ship

The quality of the miniature is up to Bergstrom's usual excellent standard. The design is great, the detail fantastic. This is a really well designed miniature. It comes with a hole in the base to attach a flying stand and the nacelles are separate but easy to glue in with superglue.

The Arrow's nice sleek design

The Arrow class is a nice, sleek miniature that really looks like its a fast ship. Woomera's designs are looking really nice and I can't wait to see the next few miniatures to come along.

Detail underneath

Detail of saucer reveals two decks

So, how does the Arrow compare to other miniatures? Very well. Its an ideal size for a scout ship. The miniature would fit with the ADB 2400 scale miniatures line and the Attack Wing scale miniatures (except for the stupidly small original Enterprise, what the heck was that all about making that miniature smaller than a pin!!!). Anyway, here are some comparison pictures for reference.

Size comparison

Above you can see the Arrow class compared to a MicroMachines USS Enterprise refit, an ADB 2400 scale Federation Destroyer and a Hot Wheels JJ Abrams USS Enterprise repainted.

The Scout and Destroyer together

And above is a closer look at the Arrow class and the ADB 2400 scale Destroyer of the Hermes, Saladin, Larson (and its been given another name somewhere also!) class.

So, my conclusion is that it looks great and definitely a nice addition to the fleet.