Monday, 11 December 2017

Disaster at Setlik III - ACTA Battle Report - Turn 1 - part II

Following on from yesterday's post...

Initial Deployment
The Cardassian player opted to deploy on the left hand side of the table. The Federation player decided to deploy his ships on a 45 degree angle in keeping with the spirit of the scenario, feeling that his ships would be in a search pattern as the Cardassians emerged from the depth of the asteroid field.

Initial deployment

The Cardassian line

The Federation line

Outlying asteroids from the Setlik asteroid field

Closeup of the Cardassian squadrons

Closeup of the Federation squadrons

Cardassians have the Initiative.

Movement Phase
Cardassians move forward in accordance with their battle plan. The Hideki's, which are both agile and fast, head directly for the USS Hood hoping to quickly take out the Federation command ship.

The Cardassians emerge from the main part of the asteroid field

The Cardassian view of the Federation battle group

Disposition of forces at the end of the movement phase

The Federation edge forward cautiously

Cardassians maneuver to take on the Federation cruisers

Closeups of the final positions at the end of the Turn 1 Movement Phase

Closeups of the Cardassians at the end of Turn 1 Movement Phase

As all ships were still out of weapons range the turn effectively came to an abrupt end as both sides close in on each other.