Friday, 22 December 2017

Lyran Tiger Heavy Cruiser

ADB Lyran Tiger Heavy Cruiser

I've wanted to get some Lyran ships ever since I first played Star Fleet Battles (back when Noah was a lad!). I've always liked the Lyrans since first playing them in SFB and when these miniatures started to appear they quickly made it on to my wish list. However its taken years before I finally bought some. This is the Amarillo Design Bureau's Lyran Tiger Heavy Cruiser which you can find here.

The first Lyran I wanted to paint would be the flag ship for the fleet. So I painted up a Tiger Heavy Cruiser with a unique colour scheme compared to the rest of the ships that will make up my Lyran fleet (more on them another day). My intent being that this would be a Command Cruiser and I would use a Lyran Dreadnought for the fleet command ship.

So here is my first Lyran. Still not sold on the colour scheme but I'm unlikely to change it now. Anyway, its been a very long time in the making but the Lyran Star Empire is finally coming to my table top.