Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Disaster at Setlik III - ACTA Battle Report - Turn 3 - part 1

Last post was a very long one. So I'll break down what was the third and last turn of this battle report into two separate posts for brevity's sake.


Initiative Phase
This time, the Federation won the Initiative roll outright and therefore didn't force a re-roll due to the presence of their Scouts.

Movement Phase
During the movement phase the Fed PC (USS Royal, Aerie class) & SC (USS Yosemite, Oberth class) turned and escaped the outlying asteroids in an attempt to run from the Carassian DD & FF's closing in on them. Their hope was to make it back to the security of the heavier guns of the rest of the fleet before the Cardassians could catch them.

The Fed NCL, NCLS and CLS saw the danger that the Royal and Yoesmite were in and moved to intercept the Cardassians in the hope of destroying the Cardi Fleet Commanders ship.

In the center, the Federation CL's & FF squadron were intercepted by two squadrons of Cardassian Hideki. The Hideki had maneuvered to be positioned off their bow. To make matters worse the Cardi DD & FF that took down the USS Hood moved in to the Fed CL's & FF starboard rear position.

Meanwhile the Fed DD & FF that were with the USS Hood overtook the Cardi's to their bow and moved off to join the main part of the Federation fleet, regrouping to give the Cardassians as bloody a nose as their combined fire power was able too. However this maneuver did not go unnoticed as the Hideki nearby set off in pursuit moving in to the stern of the Fed DD & FF.

The sole surviving vessel of the Cardassian squadron to attack the USS Hood was left behind. This Cardi DD had been crippled during the firefight that saw the loss of the Hood. As it lumbered forwards, its thrusters off-line, it struggled to turn away from the secondary hull of the Hood. Watching explosions start to ripple through the hull of the Hood, the Cardi's desperately tried to turn to port to avoid the inevitable. Being crippled however, its maneuverability was shot to pieces. As it managed to turn just one 45 degree turn, the Hood's secondary hull and warp section exploded right as the Cardassians passed one inch away.

Meanwhile the USS Hood's saucer section had escaped and managed to put enough distance between it and its secondary hull to be out of any blast radius.

As the Movement Phase came to an end the USS Pegasus, the Federation SC (Oberth class) still in the outlying asteroid field, explodes doing no damage to anything other than space rock and dust.

At this time also, the secondary hull and warp section of the USS Hood exploded in a fiery cloud sending debris and an energetic shock wave outwards.

The crippled Cardassian DD next to the explosion of the Hood got caught in the resulting shock wave suffering 10 damage. This overwhelmed the destroyer's hull immediately blasting it apart also. The Hood's last defiant act was to end the life of the ship that caused its demise. Sweet revenge!

With the Movement Phase fully complete, the final disposition of the combating forces were as shown below.

Next would come the Attack Phase. Would the Cardassians get revenge for the beating they suffered during the last Attack Phase? Or would vengeance on behalf of the settlers on Setlik III be handed out by the Federation forces. Till next time....