Sunday, 17 December 2017

Disaster at Setlik III - ACTA Battle Report - Turn 2

Turn 1 can be found here.


Initiative Phase
The Cardies won the Initiative roll but the Federation player elected to challenge a re-roll given that the Feds had more scout vessels than the Cardies. The Fed's won this re-roll (the Cardies rolling snake eyes!).

Movement Phase
Movement Phase panned out as the photos show below. The Cardies followed their plan of closing in on the USS Hood and the cruisers. The Feds maneuvered to confront the Cardie squadrons closest to their positions.

Final disposition of forces at the end of the Movement Phase

Attack Phase

The Fed's had the Initiative for the turn and therefore attacked first. Each squadron trading fire with the Federation gaining the first shot. Clearly their anger at the slaughter of their colonists overcame their usual pacifistic "negotiate first, shoot second" mantra.

The Oberth SC's and Aerie PC fired on the Cardi DD flagship with photons and phasers. The Oberth's used their scout function to Redirect Fire. After these re-rolls, the Cardi DD suffered 3 photon and 7 phaser hits resulting in critical hits to its shields. The Cardi flagship lost all its shields and suffered critical hits to Impulse engines and its Dilithium Chamber.

The Cardi's attempt to return fire at the closest Oberth to their position, USS Pegasus. The asteroids prove troublesome to the Cardi sensors hindering lock on. Firing their Disruptor Wave Cannons and Spiral Wave Disruptors the Cardi combined fire took down Pegasus shields and causing structural damage (solid hits) and a critical hit to Pegasus impulse engine.

The combat then moved to the Federation NCL, NCLS, CL squadron against their nearest Cardassian opponents.

The NCLS opened the attack firing both its photons and phasers on the nearest FF. This destroyed its shields and crippled it, leaving on 3 hits left.

The NCL then fired its photons and phasers at the DD in the center of the Cardi squadron. The devastation caused by this attack crippled the DD leaving it with only 2 hits left.

The NCL then fired its port hemisphere Phaser 1's at the crippled FF. With only 3 hits remaining, the FF became Stricken. The roll on the Damage Table resulted in the FF being immediately destroyed.

The Federation CLS then fired on the undamaged FF. Using its scout function to Redirect Fire on the photons that missed its target, the combined photon and phaser barrage on the FF blasted it to pieces, causing it to explode.

The Stricken Cardi FF explosion resulted in 9 Attack Dice (AD) damage. The Federation CLS and NCL suffered minor shield damage and the Cardi DD, remarkably with some of its shield still left, suffered minor damage to its shields as well.

The CLS then fired its port phasers at the crippled Cardi DD with obvious results. The DD exploded doing 10 AD of damage. Despite their proximity to the explosion the Fed CLS and NCL suffered minor shield and internal damage.

The fight then moved to the 2 Federation CL's and the FF. Facing them down were 3 Cardi FF's.

The Federation CL on the left of the squadron (USS Amberleigh, CL-B) fired on the Cardi FF directly facing it (FF-D). The CL's photons smashed through the FF's shields causing critical damage to its shields and Dilithium Chamber, resulting in the FF's shields going offline. The CL's port phasers then smashed the Cardi FF to within 1 hit of destruction and scoring more critical hits. This resulted in an escalation of the critical hit, destroying the FF without damage to anything nearby.

USS Amberleigh (CL-B) then fired with its starboard and forward phasers at the Cardi FF (FF-C) in the center of the Cardassian squadron. These also smashed through FF-C's shields doing 4 critical hits against its Dilithium Chamber (2 criticals!), Impulse engines and Weapons.

USS Joshua Tree (CL-A) then fired on FF-C. The resultant damage destroyed FF-C and caused a 9 attack dice explosion to all within a 4 inch range. This caused minor damage to Joshua Tree and the last FF in the Cardi squadron.

USS Joshua Tree (CL-A) fired its last phasers on the remaining Cardi FF (FF-B) causing 4 internal hits, two of which were critical hits killing crew and damaging the Dilithium Chamber. Clearly these hits severely damaged FF-B's engineering section, causing decompression and killing crew.

The Federation FF (USS Deneb) then joined the fun firing on the remaining Cardi FF pounding it with photons and raking it with phaser fire. This devastated the Cardassian FF causing a massive explosion (21+ on the Stricken Ships Damage Table. Fortunately for the Federation ships, they were just outside the blast radius of the explosion.

The Federation FF then fired its unused starboard phasers at the nearest Cardi Hideki PC. The Hideki was still in the FF's phaser Kill Zone. The racking fire of the phasers caused shield and internal damage, including 2 Impulse engine criticals.

The fight then shifted to the CA, FF and DD squadron. These ships faced off against 2 Cardi DD's and one FF.

USS Perseus (FF-B) opened proceedings with a photon spread on Cardassian DD-B opposite its position, backing this up with phaser fire from its forward and starboard phasers. This caused shield damage and multiple internal hits including two Impulse engine critical hits.

Perseus then targeted its port phasers on the Cardassian Hideki (PC-F) hit before by the USS Deneb. This destroyed the Hideki outright.

The USS Hood then fired on Cardi DD-B with its port phasers and turret phaser III's causing multiple internal hits including three criticals against its Impulse engines. Hood then focused on the FF directly opposite its position. Hood's fire caused multiple shield and internal hits including critical damage to Dilithium Chamber, Impulse engines and two Weapons criticals.

Finally the Federation DD (USS Akira) joined in attacking the Cardassian DD opposite its position. Firing photons and phasers Akira rips up the Cardi DD causing 12 internal hits including six criticals. The DD looses all its shields in the process and having lost 3 Crew due to criticals became subject to the Escalate rule on the crew.

Akira then fired its starboard phasers at the Hideki squadron to its starboard side, targeting Hideki PC-B

PC-B suffers shield damage, three internal hits and a critical to its Dilithium Chamber.

The Cardassian DD/FF squadron, having survived the attack by the Federation CA/DD/FF squardon, returned fire. Their primary goal was to take out the USS Hood first and then focus on the remaining Federation cruisers. As such, they concentrated their fire on the Hood. The state of the Cardassian squadron left much to be desired and so were limited in the damage they could dish out.

The Cardassians open up with their Disruptor Wave Cannons and Spiral Wave Disruptors pounding the Hood.

Hood suffers a pounding, its aging frame loosing all but 8 shields and suffering 5 internal hits, including two critical hits to its Impulse engines. The Cardi's then fire their remaining weapons on the USS Perseus (FF) doing minor shield and internal hull hits.

With the Federation having fired from each of their squadrons only the Cardassian Hideki squardons had not fired so far this phase. The Hideki squadron on the Cardi left side then fired on the Hood with Spiral Wave Disruptors and Photons.

Despite the fact that the USS Hood was at their maximum range, the Hideki pound her. Hood suffers 20 internal damage including multiple criticals. Three more hits and Hood will become Crippled.

Next the two Hideki on the right of the USS Hood squadron fire on the Hood.

The Hideki rake the Hood with their Spiral Wave Disruptors. The Hood, her shields being down, suffers enough damage to take her to within 2 points of being destroyed. Finally the Hideki fire their photons destroying the USS Hood. Rolling on the Stricken Ships Damage Table, the Hood runs adrift until the end of the next Movement Phase and then explodes. The Hood, having a detachable saucer section, has a chance for her crew to escape. Needing an 8+ in a Crew Check roll, the crew of the USS Hood role a score of 9! As such, the Hoods saucer section is able to make an emergency crew evacuation during the next Movement Phase before she explodes.

The Hood's saucer section evacuates her stricken Warp Section

As the remaining crew frantically evacuate to the Hood's saucer section, the Cardassians now focus on their other targets.

The remaining Hideki squadron then fired on the USS Joshua Tree (CL-A). Their attack hammers Joshua Tree's shields and does six internal damage, including 2 critical hits to its Crew and the Dilithium Chamber. The Joshua Tree was left with only 3 shields.

The final Hideki squadron was just outside weapons range and so did not get the opportunity to fire this phase. With that, the Attack Phase was over.

End Phase
Several ships were suffering Escalation to their critical hits. During the End Phase each ship was able to use Damage Control to bring under control their escalating critical damage.

With that, the Second Turn came to an end.