Sunday, 13 December 2015

Christmas Army, part 2... Weihnachtssänger (Carol singers)

In my last post I showed a how-to guide for painting the Wichtel (Gnomes) of the North Pole / Christmas Army. In this post I will be showing off the Wizards of the North Pole Army, namely the Weihnachtssänger or Carol singers.


Weihnachtssänger (Carol singers)
The North Pole army does not have any wizards per se, but they enchant with songs. Those songs are called Christmas Carols and are able to bewitch even the hardest heart. Lore has it that in ancient times the singers were accompanied by a brass band, but when the city walls of Jericho fell down in a concert, the brass band was abandoned.

You can find out more about the North Pole Army here. That information comes for the old GW Warmaster Magazine issue 3. I may post the army details here as well when I show off the full army, once finished, in a future blog post.

The painting pattern is identical to the Wichtel (Gnomes) in my previous post. Miniatures are some old GW Warmaster Empire Flagellates with weapons trimmed or cut. The pedestal comes from Pendraken Miniatures, from their fantasy section under dungeon furniture if I remember correctly.

The base is a 40mm round plastic GW base that has been covered in snow, making it look like the Carol singers are standing on a mound of snow.

I chose the Flagellates for the Carol singers because they look like they are really getting into the spirit of singing Christmas Carols, dancing and having a rollicking good old time.

I still have some Flagellates left over from making this hero Wizard set piece. So I may turn them into Christmas Fanatics, a special unit with the characteristics of the Empire Flagellates.

I'm still waiting for my new gaming table to be finished. So not much in the way of gaming going on right now, just painting and playing too much Fallout 4.

Anyway, next job will be Frosty the Snowman's naughty cousins!