Thursday, 31 December 2015

Christmas Army, part 7... Yeti's

Last post for 2015! Happy New Year Everyone!

The Christmas / North Pole Army keeps growing. Mostly because I have been fortunate enough to have a number of days off over the Christmas / New Year break. I have been even more fortunate to have had spare time enough amongst the festivities to get some painting in too. And play Just Cause 3 which I got for Christmas (JOY!).

The newest addition are the Yeti's. The Ogres know the true history of these strange creatures, but some have found their way to the polar north where they have become somewhat tame around the lands of Nikolaus abode.

Yeti aren't really tameable, but they at least do not view the denizens of Nikolaus lands as either a threat or food. So from time to time, when invaders have pressed northward, Nikolaus people have found themselves the beneficiary of aid from these strange creatures. It seems that the only reward these Yeti's require for their aid is to pick over the bones of the dead invaders for food. And so a mutual respect seems to have formed between these wild creatures and the people of Nikolaus icy realm.

These guys are Wyrd-Games Malifaux Wendigo (Arcanists) product WYR3021. They come from the first series, so not really sure how easy they are to find right now. However they are an ideal size for a monster for 10mm.

The stats for these guys hasn't been thought out yet. But they will also be used in my Ogres Kingdoms Army list as Yhetees (as they are the same creature really). Given that they are supposedly a distant offshoot of the Ogres from before the Big Migration, they likely will have similar stats to that of Ogres from that Warmaster Army list.

How to paint Yeti's
  • Basecoat in Skull White
  • Ink in Nuln Oil
  • Wetbrush in Space Wolves Grey
  • Drybrush in Skull White
  • Paint face and claws in Shadow Grey
  • Drybrush in Teclis Blue
  • Drybrush in Skull White again very lightly or more heavily to preferred tone
  • Paint eyes in Teclis Blue
  • Base them
I've based these guys so that they aren't too heavily covered in snow. In this way they can fit either the Christmas / North Pole Army or the Ogre Kingdoms Army.

Anyway, have a Happy New Year!