Monday, 21 December 2015

Christmas Army, part 4... North Pole Rangers

On the northern boundary of Kislev rise the Giant Home and Trollheim Mountains. Further northwards is the Frozen Sea, and beyond still is the foreboding Chaos Wastes. Few are foolish enough to venture this far northwards. But for those that do, there is rich game in the form of seals and walrus. Dangers lurk here too. Polar Bears are an ever present danger, and if the cold does not kill you, more formidable dangers lurk here also. Beasts of Chaos roam the howling ice and they are not to be trifled with.

It has come to be that over the years, hardy men have ventured into these lands in search of the rich game that can be found here or for adventure. Most die from the bitter cold. But some have returned to their tribes out of the north with fantastic stories of being rescued by kind beings not unlike Dwarves and Goblins.

Dwarves and Goblins these beings are not, calling themselves Gnomes or Elfen, and the wayward traveler or hunter will tell fantastic tails of how these beings rescued them from the frozen wastes and nursed them back to health. They speak of how there are whole towns hidden in the frozen north where wondrous workshops exist and fabulous toys are made. These towns are often hidden around woods of pine trees called Christmas Trees. A miracle to behold given that they grow in such inhospitable of environments. These tress produce cones that give forth a soft warm glowing light and they make the locales of these villages cosy and pleasant despite the bitter cold that is found in the frozen north. No beast of Chaos or evil thing seems to come into these places and the Gnomes and Elfen vigorously patrol and defend the borders of these forests. The tales speak that these wondrous Christmas Trees also seem to be able to move.

Often, these wayward hunters and travelers have returned back into the frozen north with their families, and sometimes their entire clans, never to be seen again. Many laugh at their weird and fantastic tales. But others rightly ask how such mere mortals could have survived the frigid waste and returned healthy of mind and body, unharmed from the North.

Legend has it that these people though small in number, have joined the Gnomes and Elfen in their strange, otherworldly, villages and took up the mantle of patrolling the woods that protect their villages and the frozen wastes. Such a role is in gratitude for saving their lives. But if such wondrous places truly exist, who would not want to stay there? Though they are legend, tails of these North Pole Ranges persist still. Wearing white fur lined cloaks and wearing warm clothes made of red or green fabric, any loan wanderer in these foreboding wastes will keep a watchful eye out for help unseen when it is needed most.

These lads are from Copplestone Castings 10mm range.