Thursday, 24 December 2015

Christmas Army, part 5... Nikolaus, Christkind and Christmas Trees

Still working on those cousins of Frosty the Snowman. But as its Christmas Eve here, I thought it high time to reveal the General of my Christmas / North Pole Army.

Saint Nikolaus and Christkind (a General and Wizard piece) flanked by Christmas Trees

I am still looking for a suitable Nikolaus piece mounted on a sleigh, but I have made an "on-foot" Command piece which also has Christkind on it. Christkind can act as a Wizard piece on the tabletop by singing Christmas Carols and other enchanting melodies in her ethereal voice.

These two pieces, and the little sleigh behind them, come from the Noch N gauge Christmas range for model railways. I've mounted them on a 20cent piece for weight and stability.

Flash mob!

And the little sleigh behind them

Same again, but without the flash

The Christmas Trees are also from the Noch N gauge of Pine Trees with snow on them. I used superglue to add these golden beads from a $2 shop to the trees and then flocked the base in snow.

Still working on those Snowmen (and getting way too distracted by Fallout 4!) and the Elfen have arrived from Magister Militum. So I'll be posting on these in the future as time permits to get them done. But hope you have a wonderful, peaceful and Merry Christmas!