Monday, 28 December 2015

Christmas Army, part 6... Snowmen

These are the newest addition to the Christmas / North Pole Army. Frosty the Snowman's naughty cousins Will, Tom and Bert.

These lads are always up to mischief! If they aren't swapping wrapped boy's and girls presents around, or putting laxatives in the flying reindeer watering troughs, they can generally be found sneaking around playing practical jokes on the Elfen.

Nikolaus patience is legendary, but these boy's test even Nikolaus. It's at this time that Christkind will usually step in and punish the lads by sending them off for a time to help out the North Pole Rangers. Its a mystery to the North Pole Rangers if Christkind isn't really punishing them instead of the boys. However the lads do have an upside for the Rangers, even though it means putting up with grumpy oversized big kids. Given the lads mischievous nature, they are only all too eager to chase off dangerous beasties or to get into a scrap with any Chaos worshipping tribesmen that wonder too close to one of Nikolaus toyshop villages.

These lads are from Reaper Miniatures. In game, they will have house rules that gives them the same stats as Giants, but not as stupid. Still need to work out all the details. But that will be the general idea.

William (Bill)

Thomas (Tom)