Saturday, 17 September 2016

10mm Undead Egyptian style shields for Warmaster

I've been dabbling a bit on Shapeways over the last year with a little project of mine. Anyway, I believe that its finally ready! Presenting 10mm Undead Egyptian style shields for Warmaster.

The miniatures are Pendraken Undead with my Shapeways shields attached.

I used superglue and tweezers to attach them to the miniature (and NOT my fingers... sick of sticking things to my fingers!)

The great thing is that where you place the shields is up to you. So you can play around to get the look you want.

Using a standard Warmaster base (this one is from Kallistra) you get roughly four per row, for a total of eight miniatures per base.

My plan is to build a Warmaster Tomb Kings army that looks more like the GW Tomb Kings warriors before GW went and destroyed the Warhammer world (What the heck were they thinking!!!). So more on this over the coming weeks...months...year...who knows!

Anyway, you can find them at my Shapeways shop here.