Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Halo Ground Command - October Release!

Latest news from Spartan Games!!!

Check out our October Release!

In our latest release for Halo: Ground Command we have turned our attention to two of the most eagerly awaited armoured vehicles from the Halo Universe: the UNSC Scorpion and Covenant Wraith. We've also got some really exciting changes happening to the way we sell our Dystopian Products, so read on to find out more!

Tanks for the memories

See what we did there? This month we'll be releasing both the highly-detailed UNSC Scorpion and the Covenant Wraith.

The UNSC Scorpion is a tank known far and wide to Halo fans, and now you have the ability to bring this fabulous vehicle to your tabletop games of Halo: Ground Command. Stunningly sculpted to accurately reflect the original video game design, our boxed set brings you one Scorpion tank hull in all of its glory, but with TWO turret choices - one to make the standard Scorpion and another to create the stunning Sun Devil Anti-Aircraft variant. Click here to order the UNSC Scorpion Box now!


The Covenant Wraith is a sleek armoured vehicle that glides effortlessly around the battle-field, engaging targets and destroying them with ease. Just like with the Scorpion Box, a single Wraith hull also comes with two weapon options: the standard Mortar turret and the Anti-Aircraft turret. Click here to order the Covenant Wraith Box now!

Soooooo much Halo goodness.... My wallet is looking very poor right now.