Sunday, 11 September 2016

ACTA Star-Fleet Enterprise era Star Fleet ships part 2 - SS Intrepid

In the post yesterday, I showed off the two SS Emmettes. Below is one of the other miniatures I bought through Coelian276's shop on Shapeways, the SS Intrepid.

The painting process was the same as for the SS Emmette.

The Intrepid is slightly smaller than the Attack Wing NX class Enterprise.

The detail permits a lot of painting highlights. You can see above the impulse engine outlets behind the saucer section.

From this angle you can see the similar style deflector dish to the NX class.

These have been based for A Call To Arms Star Fleet, but the FUD versions have hole pins beneath the model for insertion of the types of bases you prefer (such as for ACTA).

So, there you go. One more model ready for the table top.