Saturday, 3 September 2016

Halo Ground Command unboxing

My pre-order for Halo Ground Command - Battle For Reach has finally arrived! So here are a few pictures for the curious.

The game box is packed with goodies!

I was expecting the scenery to be made of card stock, but I was pleasantly surprised to see that it is made of hard plastic. You pop out the shapes and glue them together. There is also a group of stickers that you can use for the scenery, or you can just paint it yourself.

The dice a the same as for Halo Fleet Battles. Always good to get more dice.

There are heaps of reference cards representing all the units present in the box.

The stickers for the scenery are in the top-left of the photo

And the rule book is up to Spartan Games excellent standard that we saw in Halo Fleet Battles.

Halo Ground Command miniatures are 1/100 scale (i.e. 15mm). I was surprised to see that the infantry are pewter metal.

The vehicles are all hard resin multi kits. The beauty of this is that it permits a degree of customization and damage.

The miniatures come as squads of a few solders each. The game provides bases for you to use.

UNSC Marines squad

You could fairly easily customise them to other bases or have them on a single base if you desire. Not sure how that would impact on the rules yet. But with the use of rare-earth magnets, you could customise the bases in the way you want and still be adaptable to the games primary base for the squad. I'm tempted to have them on single bases, but have those bases adaptable to be able to be incorporated onto the Halo Ground Command unit base. Have to ponder more about this one before I make a decision.

Covenant Grunts

Anyway, there you go. I'm sure by now there are a number of YouTube clips on this floating around the web. But this promises to be a great game. Just need to get my head around the rules now. Oh, and paint some mini's, of course!