Saturday, 10 September 2016

ACTA Star-Fleet Enterprise era Star Fleet ships part 1 - SS Emmette

I've just had the chance to finish some of the Star Fleet ships I purchase for Coelian276's shop on Shapeways from the ST Enterprise era.

SS Emmette class of Star Fleet vessel

This one is of the Starship (SS) Emmette printed in Frosted Ultra Detail (FUD). Behind both Emmett's here you can see the Star Trek Attack Wing version of the NX class starship Enterprise. The NX looks slightly smaller than the Emmette's in the photo above, but they are roughly the same size. The NX being slightly longer due to its nacelle's.

Wet brush base coated models in Boltgun Metal

Based for ACTA Star Fleet

Closer view showing how they look after being coated in black ink

The painting process was fairly simple. All I needed to do was the following:

  • base coat in black spray
  • Wet brush in Citadel paints Boltgun Metal. [By wet brush, I mean dipping the paint brush in paint. Scraping off most of the paint on the edge of the paint tin to get to a point were most of the paint is off the brush and you have prepared it as if you would do for dry brushing. Then wipe the brush on a paper towel. Then dip the brush in water to make the paint glide over the model more smoothly.].
  • Ink the model in black ink.
  • Dry brush model in Boltgun Metal.
  • Paint highlights in two paint shades of blue and two of red. Highlight nacelle features and impulse engine exhaust ports. I use the blue colours for the nacelles and impulse engine exhaust ports and the red colours for the nacelle intake heads.
  • On one of the models I used a light gray colour to highlight around the top of the main hull in order to differentiate it from its sibling.

These are based up for A Call To Arms - Star Fleet just in case you are wondering.

The level of detail of the FUD miniatures from Coelian276's shop on Shapeways is fantastic. You can see the impulse engine funnels in the image below. To paint these I just used a light blue and then highlighted in white.

Impulse engines on the FUD model

View from above

View from underneath the models

There you go. I'll show the other ship I painted in the next post.