Tuesday, 13 September 2016

September Support for Halo: Ground Command

I'm a week late in posting this! But here's and update from Spartan Games regarding Halo Ground Command...

September Support for Halo: Ground Command

We're still working hard to fulfil the backlog of orders we've had for Halo: Ground Command. We're very sorry if your order is one of those affected by the delay, and we're doing everything we can to get every order shipped as quickly as possible.

We're excited to announce that this month we'll be releasing six brand new upgrade boxes, which will be shipping from the 28th September, and you can read below to find out more details. Our Pelican and Phantom dropships will also begin shipping this month - the Pelican in early September, and the Phantom later in the month.

Take cover!

Scenery is a really important part of the Halo: Ground Command gaming experience, allowing you to create cinematic, tactical warzones that will enrich your gameplay enormously. This month we're releasing two scenery boxes filled with pieces inspired by the exciting setting of the Halo Reach video game.

Pre-order both boxed sets from the Spartan Games online store here

Ghost it your way!

This month we're releasing the Covenant Ghosts as separate boxed sets, available with either Elite Minor or Grunt Minor pilots - the choice is yours. A super-tactical addition to any force, Ghosts are intimidating when piloted by Grunts, and lethal with an Elite in control!

Bring in the heavies!

We're also releasing a Covenant Hunters Box this month, one of the most fearsome opponents for any UNSC player. Its enormous size and devastating combat ability allow it to engage infantry and armour with confidence... So even Spartans had better watch out! Hunters are always fielded in pairs, and this box delivers two full units to a Covenant player.

Go wild for Warthogs!

An iconic staple for any UNSC player (and one of the most tactically-capable units available), the UNSC Warthog Box gives you the option for as many 'hogs as you can handle, and a wide range of weapons customisation. The boxed set contains 2 Warthogs, and an array of weapons and components - 2 Gauss Cannons, 2 Chainguns, 2 Rocket Launchers, 2 Riflemen Drivers and 6 Riflemen Gunners. You'll have all the force-building flexibility you could want. With such a choice of weapon systems, no enemy unit is safe!

Dropships landing soon!

The UNSC Pelican will be shipping in early September, and will come with:

  • 1 UNSC Infantry Unit (4 bases)
  • 1 HMG Team
  • 1 Warthog (and attachable hook)
  • 2 flight stands to show the Pelican landed or flying
  • Stat card and an assembly guide

The Covenant Phantom will be shipping in late September, and will come with:

  • 1 Covenant Grunts Unit (4 bases)
  • 2 Plasma Canons
  • 2 Ghosts
  • Flying flight stand, stat card and an assembly guide

Both dropships also provide you with the option to place your miniatures inside and position the doors open.